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The Transformed Home is a series of Experience Product courses designed to help people declutter, tidy and organize common problem areas of their home or office.

The Pantry Edition is currently available.

Are you an overworked time-poor mother?

Do you want an organised pantry to make meal preparation quick, easy and stress free?

Sick of wasting money on food that gets lost and never eaten?

Transform your pantry into a functional and beautiful space with my simple step-by-step guided system and live 3-hour Get It Done Workshop.

Morning Coffee

Imagine coming home from a long day at work and knowing exactly what you are going to prepare for dinner, and you can instantly access everything you need.  Your mornings feel stress free as the kids pack their own lunch boxes, giving you the time you need to prepare for the day ahead.  And best of all, no more guilt over wasted food that got lost in the back of the pantry.

Course Benefits and Inclusions

Pre-recorded training videos

Self paced video training to take you from cluttered overwhelm to organized calm.  Each of the 6 videos are under 15 minutes and easy to follow.  Complete the lessons in one day or spread them out over the full 2 weeks.  You will gain the skills and knowledge to get the most out of the live workshop and be confident that you CAN do this.  You will be ready to hit the ground running and reach your goals.

Valued at $89

Live Event
This live event is a game changer.  Join me via Zoom at a time that suits you, and together we will literally GET IT DONE.  Tidying can be isolating and questions crop up that can stall your progress.  I will guide you every step of the way and by the end of this workshop, your pantry will be totally TRANSFORMED into your ideal vision.

Valued at $ 210

Pantry Product List

Take the confusion out of purchasing products for your pantry with my recommended product list.  No matter where you are in the world or what your preferences are, there will be something in this list for you and your unique space.  Purchase with confidence, knowing that your product choices will work for your specific space.  And as an added bonus, save money with my special industry discounts.

Valued at $49

Pantry Declutter and Organisation Checklists

Each checklist is fully customisable to suit your specific needs and cooking style.  They will help you maintain momentum and create a sense of accomplishment as you tick off each box.


The Declutter checklist will help you know that you have decluttered ALL your pantry items, especially if you have food stored in multiple locations.


The Organisation checklist is an invaluable step in the organising process by helping you to map out your pantry categories.  These categories will further assist you in product selection by identifying how you will best confine each item to the category and keep them in order.

Valued at $49

That's nearly $400 of value for only $197!

Introductory Bonuses

As this is a new course, I am offering 2 bonuses for the first 5 participants.

Private 30 minute pantry organisation planning session

Together we will look at why your current system isn't working and identify the key solutions to fix it, setting you up for success from the very start.  Valued at $50

Private Get It Done Workshop

Work directly with me, and get the absolute most out of this coaching workshop experience.  Together we will transform your pantry into a special space that is both joyful and functional for your unique needs.  Valued at $210

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