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Welcome to the freebie part of my website.  I hope you will find some helpful guides, checklists and inspiration to support you on your organisation journey.

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Packed full of helpful tips and guidance, my regular Blogs are a quick but essential read for anyone curious about KonMari or just looking for practical advice to organise their space

Closet declutter checklist

Following the principles of KonMari, decluttering your clothing is the correct starting point.  Using this checklist, you can go through your clothes, a subcategory at a time and choose those which spark joy and support you in your life.  If you don't love it and don't use it, donate or discard.  Good luck!

Donation Box with Clothes
Organised stationery drawer

How to tidy your junk drawer

Everyone has one and its often a hodge podge of misplaced and forgotten items.  Let this easy to follow video guide you on how to declutter and organise your junk drawer.

Coming soon

Webinar Videos

You can find recordings of some of my most successful and helpful webinars over at my YouTube channel. Hit the button below to browse the videos.

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