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Tidy Festival Preparation

Before our first session (clothes)

  • Visualise your ideal lifestyle and make a few notes. One or two lines is fine.  This will help to provide clarity and motivation during our sessions.

  • Please have any dirty clothes cleaned and ready for our first session.  They do not need to be ironed or even folded, just clean enough for us to sort through.

  • Gather any boxes you have lying around to help with the temporary storage of your chosen clothes.  Shoe boxes are ideal.  No need to buy anything specific at this time.

  • Sign contract and email to .  A photo of the signed pages is sufficient, but I will need a copy of the original documents upon arrival.

  • Pay deposit at least 48 hours prior to our first session.

Before all sessions

  • Contact me via phone or txt (0439823882) at least 4 hours prior to your session if you feel unwell in ANY way and need to convert to a virtual session.  Please note that 24hrs notice is required to cancel an appointment.

  • Place any personal items you would like to remain private in a spare room, draw or cupboard and let me know upon arrival where you do not want me to go.

  • Don’t tidy up.  I know it may be very tempting, but hey, that’s what I’m here for.

  • Have snacks handy.  Tidying can be very tiring so a quick snack break can help maintain momentum.  There is no need to feed me.  I will bring my own supplies.

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