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Marie Kondo and the KonMari Method®

Marie Kondo is a world renowned tidying expert and the creator of the KonMari Method®.  Her passion for organising began in childhood when she spent more time organising her dolls than playing with them.  Inspired by her grandmother's approach to tidying and the influence of home and lifestyle magazines, Marie developed a fascination with creating serene and intentional living spaces.

During her teenage years, Marie delved deeper into the subject of organisation after reading a popular book called "The Art of Discarding."  However, she struggled with achieving a truly organised and joyful home.  It was during a challenging tidying session that Marie had a revelation: instead of focusing on discarding items, she should seek out the joy they brought her.  This led to the development of her popular concept, "spark joy."

At the age of 19, Marie started her tidying consultant business while attending university in Tokyo.  Through years of research and working with numerous clients, she developed her unique approach known as the KonMari Method®​​.  The method revolves around a central criterion: if an item brings joy, it should be kept.  This method aims to create lasting organisation and prevent a return to cluttered spaces.

Marie's impact on the field of tidying and organisation has been significant.  She has authored nine books, with her first book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up," being translated into 44 languages and selling over 13 million copies worldwide.  In 2015, Marie was recognised as one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people.  In 2016, the first KonMari® Consultant course was held in New York.  While, her popular Netflix series, "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo," became the platform's top non-fiction release in 2019 and received multiple award nominations.  

Overall, Marie Kondo's journey from a childhood fascination with organising to becoming a world renowned tidying expert has inspired people around the world to transform their homes and lives.

There are now over 630 certified KonMari® Consultants in over 60 countries!

"Imagine yourself living in a space that contains only things that spark joy. Isn't this the lifestyle you dream of?"

Marie Kondo

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