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How Organising your Pantry can Reduce your Cost of Living

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

With the cost of living getting higher and higher, we are all looking for ways to save. Reducing unnecessary waste is a major way to cut our weekly expenses and it’s better for the environment. Organising your home can play a major role. Let me show you how.

There has been a lot of research over recent years into the benefits of a more organised home. It has been shown to reduce stress and improve both productivity and sleep quality, to name just a few. But did you know that it can also save you money?

Let’s look at food. According to the Australian Foodbank, the average Australian household wastes around $2000 worth of food each year. A truly staggering statistic. Further more, it is estimated that 1/3 of the global food supply is wasted each year. The counter below demonstrates the weight of this global food wastage.

Now, does this sound familiar? You have a pantry and fridge full of food, but nothing for dinner tonight? The kids are constantly hungry and ask you what there is to eat? You make a grocery list only to end up forgetting something and you get extra stuff that was already in your pantry? Are you paying extra to the council for a large garbage bin? We are a family of 5 and rarely fill our small garbage bin. I am not sharing this to brag. I want to demonstrate that it is possible to reduce waste, save money and help the environment. A win, win.

So how do you organise your food storage to reduce both your grocery bill and food waste? Start with a thorough clean out. Pull everything out of your pantry and remove any expired food or things you and your family won’t eat. Remember to place the unwanted food in your compost or green waste bin depending upon your local councils’ regulations. Place suitable plastic in your local Redcycle bin (hopefully they will be up and running again soon) for recycling and recycle any cardboard, jars, and cans (once clean).

Step two is to group your food items in a way that makes sense for you and the way you cook. For example, flour, sugar, patty pans, food colouring etc. into a ‘baking’ category. I recommend all families have a snack box so the kids can access their own snacks without hassling their parents with, “I’m hungry, what can I eat?”

Now the fun begins. The organising! Once your food is categorised it is time to put it back in the cupboard. Think about where you are putting each category. Make snacks easily accessible for your kids. Put medications or alcohol up high away from the kids and place frequently used items at eye level.

One question I get asked a lot is whether to decant food into containers. This is a personal preference. Many people like the look of containers in the pantry, others like to be able to see how much of each item they have without looking into each cardboard box. If you do decide to use containers, I have two pro tips for you.

1. Cut out the expiry date and sticky tape it to the bottom of the container.

2. Have a backstock box at the bottom of your pantry to house any surplus that did not fit into your containers.

Once you have everything properly organised in your pantry, you can instantly access everything, and it is clear what you need to restock at grocery time. By adding a weekly meal plan to your family’s routine, you can greatly reduce your stress around mealtime and be better organised at the shops. No longer will you buy something only to find it was hidden at the back of the cupboard.

The biggest problem I find people have with their pantries is that they are too deep, and things often get lost at the back. If this sounds like you, I have some simple ways to solve this issue without breaking your budget. I have some proven methods to reduce waste in your fridge/freezer too.

If you would like help to get your food storage under control, make meal times stress free and save $$$ at the grocery store, then I have a special announcement for you. I have been developing an easy step-by-step guided system full of bonuses, which will be ready to launch very soon. If you would like some more information or want to be on the invite list for this exciting product launch (and special VIP bonuses), send a quick message to me via return email.

Can’t wait and want private one on one help now? I have a few spots left before Christmas. Hit the link below for a FREE no obligation 30-minute discovery consultation to discuss your needs and make a customised plan for your space.

Happy organising.

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