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Inside the home of a KonMari Consultant.

You're a Professional Organiser? Wow, your home must always be tidy.

When people learn that I am a Professional Organiser and KonMari Consultant, the next question is usually something like, "Is your home always tidy?" or "I bet your home never gets messy."

My honest response? "Heck no!"

Maybe if I lived alone, I never got sick or had a bad day, then my house would be tidy all the time.

But that's not reality. I'm a working mum and together with my husband, we have 3 young boys and an indoor dog. Of course our house gets messy. Our home isn't a show room. It is the place where we live.

The KonMari Difference

The difference with our house, since we discovered the KonMari Method, is not the frequency of mess, but with the time and effort required to get things back under control.

We are more mindful of our possessions now. There is a tiny voice inside my head that asks, "Do I really need this?" Our home is far from minimalist, but everything has a purpose and a home of it's own. This makes putting things in order so much easier and way quicker than before.

I want to take a moment to address the guilt and embarrassment around an untidy home. We need to stop beating ourselves up. Life is messy! It is easy and very common to become overwhelmed. That is why Professional Organising is an industry. You should not feel lazy or stress about disorder. And there is no shame in reaching out for help if you need it.

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