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Let’s talk about Stress, baby. Let’s talk about you and me.

In this ever-changing world, there can be a lot to worry about. More than misheard song lyrics anyway.

Stress in my own life led me to develop anxiety. While I had heard a lot about anxiety and even have a child which suffers from it, I did not recognise the symptoms in myself. According to Headspace (, the symptoms of anxiety can include;

  • a racing heart

  • faster breathing

  • feeling tense or having aches (especially neck, shoulders and back)

  • sweating or feeling dizzy

  • shaking

  • ‘butterflies’ or feeling sick in the stomach.

  • worrying about things a lot of the time

  • feeling like your worries are out of control

  • having trouble concentrating and paying attention

  • worries that seem out of proportion.

  • being unable to relax

  • avoiding people or places like school or parties

  • withdrawing from family and friends

  • feeling annoyed, irritated or restless

  • difficulty getting to sleep at night or waking up a lot during the night

Beyond Blue ( states that

One quarter of Australians will experience an anxiety condition in their lifetime.”

Now more than ever, it is vital that our homes are a haven. After a long day we need to come home to a space that is calm, welcoming and above all, stress free!

My home has become a sanctuary since discovering the KonMari Method®. Not only was I finally able to declutter properly, but also organise everything in a way that even my husband and kids could understand. Beyond this, the KonMari Method® led me to further analyse my home, belongings and life in general. I have always loved gardening, but I didn’t have any plants inside my home. Simple changes like this can make a big difference. My organised home is now a joyous space because I was finally able to understand what brings me joy.

A client of mine had a notice board set up in a study nook right next to the dining room table. The board was covered in bills and important “to do” notices. The whole way through dinner these notices were staring straight at my client and her family. Not really the most relaxing of dinner settings. With a bit of knowledge and guidance, she has created a designated space for the notices and the board is now filled with inspirational posters and photos. A space that caused daily stress is now simple and joyous.

With more and more of us working from home, it has become important to have a dedicated space where everything is contained and easy to locate. If your work spills out into the rest of your home, how can you truly shut down and rest? Time away from work allows us to recharge and work more effectively the next day. And if your home office is correctly organised, you will spend less time looking for things and work more efficiently.

Would you like to understand what brings you joy?

If you would like some help sorting out your home office or other space, contact me for a free 30 minute consultation so we can discuss your needs.

Please note, I am not a medical professional. The information in this article is intended to share my personal thoughts only. If you or someone you know is struggling or not feeling like themselves, please seek professional advice.

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