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Kid's School Organisation Station

The kids have returned to school for another year.

But then comes the inevitable mess of the kid’s school stuff. Tired and hungry from a long day at school, they make a b-line to the fridge, shedding as they go. One shoe left by the front door, it’s pair halfway up the hallway. A jumper thrown on the back of a chair and a bag left in the middle of the kitchen doorway waiting to trip up the next person who comes in. Sound familiar?

No amount of house rules, nagging or even shouting will fix the mess unless there is a simple and easily accessible place for all their stuff.

The solution

I bought this kitchen hutch second hand and turned it into our Education Station. The bottom cupboards hold the school bags and I have put a hook on the back of each door to hold the lunch box bags. Up on the bench top, each child has a file box to hold their homework or other school books. I removed the centre shelves to allow space for two white boards. One has a timetable to keep track of what the kids need to pack in their bags. For example, Wednesday is Library day so they need to pack their library books. The second board is for displaying anything the kids are proud of like a certificate or drawing.

This is quite a large piece of furniture, but really it does not need to be so big. Even a hook on the wall can be made into a special space for all those school things.

The key is to have a dedicated space that makes putting their stuff away as easy as possible. Where do your kids bump most of their stuff? That is probably the best place to look at installing your Education Station.

Your Solution

If you would like some one-on-one help, I can design and install a customised education station to suit your needs, contact me today for your free initial consult.

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