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Done With You Services

My KonMari Method® signature service is a complete home and life transformational experience for clients looking to make lasting changes.

Are you

  • Easily overwhelmed or loose focus when tidying your home?

  • Keen to learn how to organise your home or office for lasting change?

  • Ready to learn how to declutter and keep only those things that spark joy?

  • Curious about the KonMari Method?

  • Excited to implement the teachings you have learnt in one of Marie Kondo's books, in your life?

Living Room

FREE Discovery Call

All new clients receive a no obligation, FREE 30-minute virtual discovery call via Zoom.  Together, we will discuss your needs and goals before making a customised plan and choose the right service to help you reach your goals.  You will have the chance to ask questions and generally get to know me.  This is a free, no obligation session to give you the chance to decide if I am the right fit for you and your needs.

To book your free discovery call and get started with your journey, please click the button below.

If you would prefer a phone or in-person consultation please call Karen on 0439 823 882 to arrange a suitable time.

KonMari® Taster

Want to get a feel for the KonMari® process before committing to a full Tidy Festival package?


The KonMari® Taster is a single 3-hour session in-person session.  Together we will edit and organise your home your wardrobe, giving you a feel for the joys of KonMari®.

If you decide to upgrade to a Festival package, your fee will be deducted from the total cost of the package you choose.


Tidy Festival Packages

A Tidy Festival is a whole house transformational KonMari® experience.  KonMari® is a deeper dive into your home and crafting of the life you want to live.  You will feeling lighter and more in control with greater balance and joy in your life.  Your home will no longer be a stressful burden, but a sanctuary that supports you and your entire family.  The Tidy Festival is my signature, life transforming, service.

The below package inclusion values are based upon the Budget KonMari® Tidy Festival package containing 15 hours of in-person coaching and organisation.  Please see alternate package rates below for larger packages.

Package inclusions

  • 15 hours of in-person KonMari Method® home and life coaching (including decluttering and organisation) divided into approximately 5 sessions - valued at $1200

  • Measure and plan development including recommended product list - valued at $250 per home

  • Source and purchase of products - valued at $250 per home

  • Unlimited email support for the duration of your package – valued at $100

  • KonMari® Festival Workbook  - valued at $30

  • Basic labels - valued at $90 per home

  • Travel to your home or office up to 20km (5 sessions) - valued at $200

  • Donation drop off - valued at $150 per home

  • Styling and indoor plant selection - valued at $150

Package options

  • Whole home, declutter and organise following the KonMari Method®

  • Option to KonMari® a whole home or a single space

  • Homework list to reduce in-person hours (client dependant)

  • Customised labels (additional price)

  • Ability to upgrade package or add additional hours

  • Easily change or cancel package 

  • Travel to most areas

  • Optional maintenance sessions

  • Discounted hourly rate with higher packages

  • Pay per session for easier budgeting

Budget Package value - $2420

Budget Package savings - $1220

Budget Package investment - $1200​

Two Story House

Festival Packages

Budget Festival Package
15 hours - $1200

Standard Festival Package
30 hours - $2300

Premium Festival Package
50 hours - $3800

Not ready or don't think KonMari® is for you?
Time poor and just want someone to come sort out your home for you?

Then my Done For You, Traditional Organisation service might be for you.  Learn more about this service here.
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